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Type of Products:

  • CELL-GEN A.H. Water System
  • CELL-GEN ASHITABA Health Food Supplement
  • CELL-GEN Travel Buddy and Water Pitcher Jug
  • CELL-GEN Skin Care Beauty Products
  • Hydro Therapy and Integrated Sauna Therapy Products

Associates and Main Distributors:

  • CELL-GEN Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • ASHITABA Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • CELL-GEN Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • EVERFLARE Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Be-Healthy and Well (Philippines)


Research And Development

Birth of Research Group in 1992

CELL-GEN Mineral Clay was discovered by Dr. NISHIMUTA TADASHI (Kurume University, Kyushu). He pionereed the research and was backed by Dr Hideo Minato (Tokyo University) and his Team of 22 Japanese comprising of Doctors and Specialist from Tokyo University, Kyushu University, Kurume University, Osaka University of Pharmacology, Tsukuba University, Hyogo University and CELL-GEN Research Group.


Certificates and Endorsements

CELL-GEN® was extensively researched and test results confirmed that the CELL-GEN® raw material derived from the ancient sea Jurassic Mineral Clay made from seaweeds, phyto-plankton and micro-organism with micro-algae is SAFE, NON-TOXIC and pose no long term side effect when consumed. It is suitable for human use and consumption. Test analysis showed that it is rich in ionic mineral and trace mineral and the mineral trace mineral balance is excellent.


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