Products Activated Hydrogen Water The Cell-Gen CAH Difference


  1. Value Added Natural Ionic Minerals
  2. Essential Trace Mineral Elements
  3. Excellent Mineral Balance
  4. Minerals and Trace Elements are from Natural Source
  5. CELL-GEN Water is generally NEUTRAL with about 7pH to 7.4pH
  6. 99.99% free from chlorine, bad chemicals, heavy metal
  7. 99.99% free from bacteria and virusmce_markermce_markermce_marker

CELL-GEN A.H Water has:

  1. Activated Hydrogen Water - hydrates our cells.
  2. Anti Bacteria Water - inhibits bacterial activity
  3. Anti Ageing Water - improves our cells and makes them healthier
  4. Anti Oxidant Water - reduces oxidation of cells.
  5. Create More water in our body by neutralising free radicals
  6. Natural Soft Water
  7. Stable pH and good pH Balance
  8. Small Water Cluster - improves absorption
  9. Stable Quality Water
  10. Makes Water More Alkalescent slightly more Alkaline Water