Cell-Gen Water is Natural A.H. Water! It is the only ONE of it’s kind in the World! It's just like having

Natural Spring Water that is special, extraordinary and LIVING room.

Using natural product to produce a natural reaction in our body to neutralise the free radical.

A Scientific Explanation

Water is a compound of unique characters. It can exist as gas, liquid or solid depending on temperature and pressure. At room temperature, water is in liquid form. In this form, it carries out essential functions in the human body to keep it healthy. When water performs it’s functions better, we assume that the water we drink is of high quality. Recent research have shown possible reasons why water from certain sources displays such quality.


A water molecule consists of two hydrogen (H) and one oxygen (O) atoms. These atoms bond together by sharing their properties (electrons) forming covalent bonds.

These covalent bonds are strong and keep the molecule intact. Since the bonds form a water molecule are within the molecule, thus called intra-molecular bonds. The water molecule due to this formation has polar properties, the oxygen atom is more negative (has more active electrons) and the hydrogen atoms are more positive (has less active electrons). Therefore, it forms a dipolar molecule or a molecule with two different charges (positive and negative poles).


This allows water molecules to attract each other and form groups, better known as clusters due to formation of bonds between the water molecules themselves. These bonds(hydrogen bonds) are inter-molecular bonds as they form between molecules.

As more of these bonds are formed, more clusters are formed. The larger the water clusters, the weaker and slower they are in performing their functions in the human body. It is important that water clusters are as small as possible (preferably between 6-20 molecules per cluster). The smaller the clusters, the faster they move and transportation of various vitamins, essential and trace minerals are more effective. Thus, we may say high quality water is of smallest clusters possible. Water from various sources and processes can provide this but in many cases, small cluster will form larger cluster again before they even play their role. Breaking them back into smaller clusters and to keep them active require energy. Most high quality natural sources of water have small clusters and rarely re-group again.

CELL-GEN Water without doubt are of smaller clusters and most remarkable as they rarely re-group to form larger clusters. This means that large clusters of water are broken down to stable smaller clusters. Therefore, continuous high quality water is ensured.
Science and technology in human nutrition over recent years have clearly indicated that mineral deficiency in human body may be the major cause of illnesses and diseases. Substantial evidence shows that mineral imbalance is the cause of various health problems. To reduce mineral imbalance or deficiency, one cannot take in minerals directly into one’s body. The minerals have to be in a bio-available or absorbable form. This form is called the ionic form. Various mineral and vitamin supplements in powder, pill, and colloidal form are available but ironically most of them are not easily absorbable, some even hazardous to health as a large portion of them are not bio-available.

To overcome mineral imbalance, minerals (essential and trace amounts) absorbed by the body have to be in ionic form. Once in ionic form they can be transported easily to cells, tissues and organs requiring them. Most important of all ionic minerals are best found in aqueous solutions (water). To allow maximum or effective transportation and absorption, water has to be in clusters as small as possible, like CELL-GEN A.H. Water.

One advantage of this breakthrough technology in water system is that water from this system is not only of stable small clusters but it also keeps the minerals in ionic form constantly. This is where this system displays an astonishing ability.

When water passes through the CELL-GEN Mineral Cartridge, ionization occurs thus catalytically causes Activated Hydrogen (H+) to be formed. During this process, causes ionic minerals and trace mineral element to leach out into the water. As the ionization of the CELL-GEN minerals occur,  the water molecules that assist the leaching process will ionize into two parts;

The ions formed (OH- and H+) are called hydroxide ions and hydrogen ions. The greater the rate of this process, the better water is as a good carrier of minerals. The unique function of the H+ (Activated Hydrogen) is that they “attack” or combine with the free radical oxygen in our body to form water. Along with the minerals this water is of high quality. In addition to this, the most unique property of this system is that it provides ionic minerals (both essential and trace) in bio-available form.

Another important point is that during this process of A.H. Water, ionic minerals and trace mineral element iis created naturally. One major contributor to this natural process is the CELL-GEN mineral. All combined, we have CELL-GEN Water System delivering A.H. Water with ionic minerals and trace mineral element.

Tremendous Benefits of CAH Water


* Good Quality water enhance better transportation of nutrients, oxygen, enzymes and vitamins to all parts of our body.

* Well-balanced essential minerals into your body.

* Anti-oxidation Water reduces excess free radical oxygen in your body.

* CELL-GEN A.H. Water induces Oxidation reduction which is another form of anti-ageing and body cleansing.

Here's a list of Benefits you can expect from CELL-GEN AH Water

  • The ONLY Water in the world to give CELL-GEN Activated Hydrogen Water which has very potent anti-oxidant water with deoxidization effects It helps reduces or remove free radical. Activated hydrogen eliminates activated oxygen, the main cause of illness
  • Provides good mineral & trace mineral balance.
  • Reduces or removes chlorine and bleaching chemicals found in tap water.
  • Water that is alkalescence in nature is better than alkaline water - very good pH balance 7.0pH - 7.8pH
  • Stabilizes and balances the body's acidity and alkalinity.
  • Has anti-bacteria effect - water with long shelf life
  • Makes water cluster smaller, maintain stability of water cluster, easily absorbed by our body
  • Compact and practical, easy to install and use with minimum maintenance.
  • Very efficient long life cartridge that gives you about 15,000 liters of quality health water.
  • Cell generating and regenerating effect of CELL-GEN A.H. Water boosts resistant level in human body.
  • Enhances digestive system in our body, controls stress and hormone balance.
  • Promotes and regenerates healthy and young skin. Works like anti-ageing water.
  • Helps body cleansing by detoxifying toxins in our body, anti-allergic effect
  • Anti-oxidant effect on food such as vegetables & fruits - keep them fresher, last longer

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