Testimonial From Singapore


1. Ms Han 29 years young, Office Excutive

For 8 years i have chronic constipation problem. I go to move my bowels once every 4 days. Due to this problem, my skin became very dry and sometime will crack and bleed. In addition, i don't drink enough water each day and my problems became serious by the day. Sometimes, my fingers will become so dry that when it cracks, they will bleed. In 2009, i was introduce by a friend to CELL-GEN Tablets. I was not sure if it works but my friend encourage me to try. I started taking 8 tablets each day and by the third day i started going to the toilet 3 times for the next few days. Right now, i am able to go to move my bowels more regularly. Slowly my dry skin problem have improve and today, i am still on CELL-GEN Tablets.

2.     Kidney Failure, Weekly Dialysis 3 times

Mrs Liang 49 years young, Admin Executive

In 2008, i was diagnose with Kidney failure and have to go for dialysis 2 times a week. I was always feeling tired and and my skin became very dried. I could only goes to the toilet once a day and many times i have water retention problems. By 2009, i had to go for dialysis 3 times a week. In 2010, my daughter introduce to CELL-GEN Tablets. I started taking 4 CELL-GEN tablets during the first few days and eventually took up to 12 tablets each day. After taking for 2 weeks, i notice that i was able to go to toilet more regularly and the amount of motion passing out started to increase.   

After consuming CELL-GEN Tablets, i don't have to cleanse so much blood each session even to the point that i was told that i do have not to do dialysis on that day. Right now, i go for diaysis 2 times a week only. Thank you CELL-GEN for giving me hope.

3.    Stroke, Constipation and partial paralyse

Mr Tan S H 55 years young, Business Owner - Retired

In 2008 i was working overseas in Papua New Guinea and that year i suffered from multiple stroke. Due to lack for proper treatment, i was able to arrive back to Singapore for treatment 3 months later only. I was already partially paralyse and could not speak. My blood pressure was up to 208/100 and have to take many medication. I have to rely on feeding liquids as a source of food by inserting a tube through my nose. Doctors in the hospital advise me and my family that my recovery is limited to only about 40% due to the delay in treatment. I had difficultly in walking and moving around. I have to rely on my family to even shower me and help me move around in the house.

I was introduce to CELL-GEN Capsules and CELL-GEN Living Water by my son after my discharge from hospital to help me boost my recovery. After 6 months on CELL-GEN, i recover up to 80% of my body muscle and movements and can take care of myself now. I can shower and go to the toilet on my own and even the tube was removed. I can now eat solid food on my own. My blood presure is now stablise and i have cut down on the medication prescribe to me.

4.    Allergic to Seafood, Rashes

Ms Lim J F 25 years young, Admin Executive

I have started having rashes when i was very young. Everytime i ate seafood i will have rashes all over my body. My legs and arms would develop rashes and now they are scared. The itch would be so bad that i could not sleep the entire night. After taking CELL-GEN tablets for 3 months, i notice that my rashes did not come back. I started taking some seafood occassionally and have been very happy that my rashes did not come back again.

5.    Menstrual pain, Acne and Pimple problems

Mrs Grace Tan, Admin and HR Manager

Since young, i have alot of acne and pimple problems. When have my menstural period, it is always very heavy and often having menstrual cramps. I also visit the toilets up to 5 to 6 times a night and my health is never good. My husband introduce me to CELL-GEN tablets and CELL-GEN Water. After 1 months on CELL-GEN, my overall health improved. i do not go to toilet in the night so often and my menstural problems cleared up too. My skin problem also improved.

I have been taking CELL-GEN for more than 2 years and all thanks to CELL-GEN my health is better improved now.

6.    Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy

Ms Goh, Housewife

In 2010, i was diagnosed with breast cancer and have to undergo surgery to have my lymph node remove. When i was doing my 2nd session of Chenotherapy, my sister-in-law introduce me to CELL-GEN Water and CELL-GEN Tablets. After listening to her explain to me how CELL-GEN can help me improve my immune system and regain back my strength, i was willing to try anything. After consuming CELL-GEN for 10 days, my red blood cells count became normal after doing a blood test. On the 14th day, my liver enzyme stablise and i was feeling better. In the past, it would take me 2-3 days for me to regain my strength and go about my daily activites whenever i would go for chemo. However, after taking CELL-GEN, i could recover and feel stronger the next day after Chemo. Except for my hair loss, my family and friends could not believe that i am having cancer and am currently undergoing Chemo.        

My youngest daughter who have mild ezcema also drinks CELL-GEN Water. Her ezcema also great improvement for her ezcema and seldom seen it come back. Thank you CELL-GEN for helping me and my family.