Testimonial From Japan


1.   Mr. Yuji Nakano, Fukuoka (CHRONIC STOMACH MALFUNCTION)

Thanks To A Friend Who Recommends Cell-Gen to Me

After a major stomach surgery, a friend visited me at home. Half of my stomach was removed. He said he also suffered a very serious disease but recovered fully later he recovered and returned to work. When I asked him, he said took a health food called CELL-GEN and he recommended me to take it as well. Now, I am taking CELL-GEN everyday, hoping I could also recover fast just like my friend did.

2.   Ms. Masako Okada, Higashi-Osaka (REJUVENATING & YOUTH RESTORING)

Looking Much Younger Than My Actual Age.

I shared my happy life traveling with my husband and his friend who have retired from a company I used to work with long time ago. When I met many people and when I introduce myself, most of them are surprised because I looked at least 10 years younger than my age. I started taking CELL-GEN while I was still working and I used to feel less tiring, my skin texture and color looked much better and smoother. I used to suffer severe Migraine but now no more. My life is filled with much joy, thanks to CELL-GEN. I intend to continue to take CELL-GEN

3.   Ms. Teruko Ihara, Osaka (GROWTH RETARDED, HGH DEFICIENCY)

Making Use of CELL-GEN to Help Child Development

My child’s progress in walking or in talking is retarded, much slower than other normal children. Both my husband and my mother advised me not to be nervous and to remain calm. But I could not stop worrying. Then one of the staffs at the childcare center recommended CELL-GEN to me. I started giving it to my child, mixing in the meals and by the time he entered the kindergarten, his body and his talking ability improves and caught up with the other children.  Thank you very much to CELL-GEN.

4.    Ms. Naoko Yamamoto, Nagoya (MENOPAUSE)

Relief From Menopausal Symptoms

Since my late 40’s, I started suffering severe headaches, backaches and mood swings and lethargic. I became very depressed along the way because of menopausal symptom and carry on my life feeling very lousy. One day, my husband bought for me a bottle of CELL-GEN because his colleague told him it is very good for women who suffer similar symptoms. Both of us started taking 2 tablets every morning and evening. It stabilizes my husband’s blood pressure and helps relief my menopausal symptoms. We begin to feel that we needed CELL-GEN and cannot go without it.

5.   Ms. Mitsu Sato, Osaka (BOOST UP IMMUNE SYSTEM)

I Don’t Get Catch Cold So Easily Any More

My body resistance is very low and I tend to catch cold very easily. At least over 4 – 5 times a year. I tried many other health food products and nutritional tablets, but they were not so effective. I almost gave up until I came to know about CELL-GEN tablet. Except for the tough summer weather at Kyushu, I could enjoy myself at my daughter’s home with my grandchild. Thanks to Cell-Gen, I wish to recommend CELL-GEN to as many friends as possible.

6.   Ms. Kazuko Ota, Setagayaku. Tokyo (ARTERIOSCLEROSIS & HIGH CHOLESTEROL)

Gift to My Father Who Worried About Arteriosclerosis

Recent health check-up showed my farther is suspected to have hardening of the arteries and all family members were worried about it. I heard about CELL-GEN through a friend who bought it for my father. Just after 2 months, the level of the cholesterol went down to the normal. Of course, my father was the one who was most surprised. He was so glad and appreciated it very much. I hope he can stay healthy with CELL-GEN for long, long time.

7.    Mr. Yasuo Inoue, Hachioji, Tokyo (CHRONIC STOMACH & INTESTINE DISORDER)

I Can Enjoy Meals Everyday, Thanks to Better a Stomach Function

I suffered from stomach and intestine disorder because of both stress and excessive drinking of alcohol, entertaining many Customers. I always used to depend on stomach steroids. One day, my wife bought CELL-GEN and asked me to try it. After taking it for about 6 months, a client of mine said I looked much better than before. Only then did I realize that I do not need any more stomach steroid. Now, I depend on CELL-GEN and cannot go without it anymore.

8.  Mr. Makoto Miyaoka, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE)

Surprised Because Blood Pressure Became Normal

I suffer from very high blood pressure, sometimes as high as 190/98. I went to a hospital for treatment but there is no improvement at all. I discovered CELL-GEN while I was searching for a better solution. Surprisingly, after taking it for a while together with controlled dieting, my pulsation normalized and stricture of the heart stopped. The blood pressure became normal for a long time. I wish and hope I will benefit better health and continue to maintain healthy eating habit, thanks to CELL-GEN.

9.   Mr. Masanori Ishida, Sendai (LIVER DAMAGE & GOUT)

Appreciate Health Through Normal Liver Function

When I could not even move my body well due to long term bad drinking habit, a colleague of mine recommended CELL-GEN to me. He said, “Just try it, and then you will believe in it”. Basically I hate hospitals and medicine, but then I had no other choice but try and follow his advice. It only took 3 months before my health started recovering. From now on, I will take care of myself and I wish I could enjoy healthy lifestyle, thanks to CELL-GEN.

10.   Ms. Ritsuko Hayase, Kyoto (ANEMIA & LOW BLOOD COUNT)

I Cannot Imagine Anymore Because I suffered Anemia

I suffered from anemia since small and I always had to take medication from the hospital in order to enhance my blood. It causes severe swelling and dropsy. I hope I could stop it somehow. One day, my mother heard that CELL-GEN can help to treat anemia and recommended to me immediately consume it. I started CELL-GEN just like taking vitamins. After one week, I could feel my backache lightened. Then after about 2 months I stopped experiencing dizziness due to my previous anemic problems. I really appreciated CELL-GEN very much now.


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