How it all began. . . . . from Japan:


A Story of an Old Man, a Retired Diplomat who looked 20 years younger

It was in 1992 when an 85 years old man who, Dr. NISHIMUTA knew very well, showed CELL-GEN Water in a kettle filled with some kind of Clay like dark greenish/greenish Clay substance and he said that drinking this CELL-GEN Water prevents sickness like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heals many kinds of diseases.

As a Medical Surgeon and Medical Practitioner, Dr. NISHIMUTA found it is very difficult to believe this story – so at the back of his mind, he was laughing at such a story, especially at the thought of this strange Clay like mineral substance in the kettle of water that can prevent cancer and other diseases. Then there is no need for a Doctor.

Even if Dr. NISHIMUTA is not an Orthopedic Surgeon or Bone Specialist, it is not easy to believe such a story. However, he could not forget that the same old man could run up a staircase in a 5-storey building and that this same old man looked healthy indeed and looked even 20 years younger than his actual age”.

Patient with Rectum & Liver Cancer Recovered & Discharged!

In 1992, Dr. NISHIMUTA discovered that someone he knew, who was a Professor in Medicine, also an Ex-Chancellor of a University in Southern Japan, suffered from cancer. He was 70 years of age. The cancer in his rectum was a big as the size of 3 eggs & has spread to his liver.

For such a case, a Doctor would normally diagnose “about 4 to 6 months to live or at most 1 year”. And being a Doctor himself, knowing the seriousness of the situation, this man refused to take any anti-cancer medicine or radioactive treatment, instead he concentrated living the best quality of life left for him.

Dr. NISHIMUTA remembered the story he heard from the old man about 10 years ago. Immediately he started a research on the mineral water, proved its safety and he drank the water for over 3 weeks to make sure it is really safe. Then he recommended it to his friend by saying, “I drank this CELL-GEN Water and I can sleep very well. It regulates better motion and good for the skin. It is good for health for sure, if it does not work on cancer”.

CELL-GEN Mineral helps with a Miracle Recovery

After 2 months, this friend who had cancer of the rectum and liver, was discharged from the hospital and could resume back his work. Even though he was diagnosed with only 4 to 6 months left to live, he is still alive after 18 years.

Surprised, Dr. NISHIMUTA asked his other mentor, Dr. Hideo Minato (Honorary Professor cum Doctor at Tokyo University to thoroughly analyze this “Clay-like-seaweed-mineral” substance and at the same time asked some of the other cancer patients that he knew were in their final stages, to drink the similar type of specially prepared CELL-GEN Water samples.

These were the people who were told by their Doctors that they will only live about a few months. But 4 out of 5 of them survived even after 8 years until today. Some of them suffered from breast cancer, liver cancer and leukemia.

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