Water in Human Body


Lack of Quality Water Can Be Detrimental to our Health.
Once water is ingested, it permeates into all parts of our body, cells, tissues and structure. It helps various body organs to function properly by dissolving salt and secretions. It also helps to digest food, absorb and transport nutrition and discard waste from our body.

We would fall into a critical condition if our body loses 10% of water and we would die if we loose 20% of water. Water plays important roles for our basic body functions such as respiration, circulation and excretion to work properly.

Another very important role of water is to adjust body temperature. Every 1g of human sweat will discharge 600 calories of heat as adjustment of body temperature. During summer, our body discharges about 1,000ml of sweat per day. And during winter, about 200ml of sweat is being discharged. The human body will fall sick when our sweating function is not effective because the heat contained inside the body is not released. If it doesn’t function well, it could lead to hot flush.

Meanwhile, heatstroke happens when approximately 5 liters of water is discharged continuously in one day without timely replacement. Anorexia (lack of appetite) happens when the body lack of water and salt.

The water inside our body will become lesser as we get older. About 60% to 70 % of the weight of a baby is made up of water, but as we grow older, may even become less, in some cases, elderly people may have less than 50% water. Elderly people tend not to notice of their thirst and often than not, tends to drink less water than necessary. This health will fall into poor condition when the dryness of throat becomes worse. This further weakens body metabolism and could lead to illness. Study shows that sufficient water intake can prevent aging process to some extent.

One of the signs of shortage of water contents in our body cells is when our skin starts to wrinkle. As we age, our body metabolic activities slow down. Water absorption rate decreases & more water would be loss excessively from the body. Water can be easily loss from our body through our urination & sweating, causing serious decrease of water inside our body. As a result, the water content in our body reduces.

Sufficient water supply can also prevent cerebral hemorrhage and cardiovascular disease by washing out waste substances in the blood vessels. These diseases are mainly caused by thickened blood due to lack of water supply into our body. Drinking sufficient good quality water can help to dilute our blood and can prevent these illnesses.

Water that contains excessive amounts of minerals especially calcium & magnesium is called hard water whilst lesser of such mineral is called soft water. Drinking water with proper amount of minerals can prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis & calculous in the urethra.

A secret for long life with good health lies in the water we drink. We should be aware of the importance and differences of good quality water and wisely choose the one that is good for ourselves and our family members. Good water for human body should ideally be:

  • Natural Miracle Spring Water – that comes uncontaminated spring water
  • Clean water, tastes good & refreshing. Does not contain harmful substances
  • No chlorine and non-carbonated.
  • No bacteria and no heavy metal contamination.
  • Provides ionic minerals & trace mineral SUPPLEMENT from nature.
  • Provides good ionic mineral & trace mineral BALANCE.
  • Water with Active Hydrogen Properties.
  • Water with ALKALESCENCE in nature with good pH.
  • Water that is Soft and refreshing
  • Water with Small Clusters can be absorbed easily.

We should be well aware of what kind of water is good for our health. It would be good if we could drink high quality natural spring water in mountainous area everyday. However, not many people, in fact only a minute number of people have the privilege of easy access to such natural spring water.

CELL-GEN SDN BHD is very proud and honoured to bring high quality water to the world. Studies conducted by Specialist from Kyushu University of Japan indicated that CELL-GEN Water is of very high quality drinking water, if not, as good as the high quality natural spring water. Besides “Active Negative Ion” Water combines with Activated Oxygen in our body to form pure water. Access Activated Oxygen has been known to be the main cause of modern day lifestyle sicknesses. Recent study shows that this process helps to alleviate various types of sicknesses.

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