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CELL-GEN “Perpetual” Health Food Tablets

Researched Pioneered by Dr. NISHIMUTA TADASHI (Kurume University, Faculty of Medicine), Dr. Hideo Minato (Tokyo University), Dr Kimie Baba (Osaka University of Pharmacology). Tested and Certified by Japan Food Research Analysis Centre, Japan

Phyto-Mineral Clay + Natural Plant Nutrients = CELL-GEN HEALTH TABLETS

CELL-GEN is your PERPETUAL Health Food. Combined with Natural Plant Nutrients from an extra-ordinary specie from Japan known as “ASHITABA”. Together, it provides essential mineral and trace mineral in ionic form and in good balance PLUS Bio-Nutrient like Vitamins, CHALCONE Anti-Cancer Inductors known as Xanthoangelol-E and Hydro-Derricin, Coumarin Blood Circulation enzymes, amino acid, dietary beta carotene, chlorophyll, dietary fibre and many more. Minerals and Trace elements are vital factors for vitamin and nutrient assimilation.



Studies by Dr. Kimie Baba showed that CHALCONE possess potent effects towards anti-cancer, anti-bacteria, boost up immune system, anti-oxidant and detoxify and blood cleansing. Her studies also showed that 16 other enzymes are the building blocks of proteins and as such it promoted building blocks of life. Protein based substances make up your muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and most body fluids. Proteins are essential for the growth of bones, organs, and tissues. Chemically the enzymes, hormones and even your genes themselves are comprised of various proteins. Beta carotene and chlorophyll have potent anti-oxidant benefits. Dietary fiber is a very important factor for waste removal from our body.

CHALCONE Anti-Cancer Inductors
ASHITABA contains a special kind of yellow sap which called CHALCONEs that are unique to this strain of Angelica specie. It is these CHALCONEs that are considered as the active ingredients that gives rise to ASHITABA's use as a diuretic, laxative, and aid to good metabolism.

ASHITABA also contains B 12, which is normally produced in animals and not plants. It is this uniqueness that places ASHITABA in the same category as marine products such as marine algae instead of other land based green plants. Vitamin B12 has been recognized for its ability to promote the production of blood cells, increase attention span and concentration, increase the production of growth hormone, and promote the immune system so that it can fight off serious disorder; such as cancer.



CELL-GEN as a perpetual health food provides a spectrum of minerals and trace elements that our body need, it helps the body to produce Activated Hydrogen in the body, thus helps to create more pure water by combining with free radical oxygen. This helps to hydrate our cells and improves liquid balance for our body and cells.

What does these minerals and trace elements in IONIC form mean to you?

We are functional electrical beings, with many major processes such as your heartbeat, brain waves, and nerve function depending on electrical impulses. The term “ionic” means that the molecules carry an electrical charge, which enables the cells to attract and receive the vital elements.  

The “double helix” DNA strand that carries all genetic codes is actually a protein called “Deoxyribonucleic Acid”! At this time the latest rage in health is HGH or Human Growth Hormone, a protein based hormone that keeps you young and vital. This "youth hormone”, is manufactured in your pituitary gland during your deepest sleep and CELL-GEN™ contains all the essential amino acids necessary for your body to create it’s own natural HGH.




Japanese Parsley (locally known as ASHITABA) is recommended for all men and women of all ages, especially has been used as traditional herbal formulation for treating the following disorders:

•    Improve immunity systems.
•    GI tract disorders, Acute gastritis, chronic gastritis.
•    Hlorhydria, stomach cancer, duodenal ulcer.
•    Descensus ventricle, gastric atonia, chronic enteritis.
•    Carcinoma and Melanoma.
•    Chronic hepatitis, Blood Cleansing.
•    Diabetics and Insulin Diabetic dependent.
•    Hyperglycemia, Normalizing of Sugar Level in the Blood.
•    Asthma and common colds.
•    Cell reproduction, Cell Revival.
•    High blood pressure, Vascular augmentation.
•    Anemia.
•    Chronic Fatigue Hangover.
•    Increase in Production of sperm.
•    Shoulder Stiffness.
•    Laxative, Diuretic, Neurosis.
•    Hemorrhoids.
•    Relieving of menopause and PMS symptoms.
•    Ageing of skin, beautiful skin complexion.