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First and Only of its Kind in the World - Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water.

Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Anti-Aging. Hydrates. Restores. Rejuvenates.

Water is essential for all life forms. It is important that drinking water is capable of transporting minerals and trace element to all organs in our body. Water with Activated Hydrogen (AH) and Nutritional Ionic Minerals can do this very effectively.

CELL-GEN Mineral Clay found in ancient seas of Japan provides these ionic minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

CELL-GEN  A.H . Water actively transports minerals in ionic form to organs in our body. This helps replenish and rejuvenate cells in our organs to function better.

Good Water Quality With  Very long Shelf Life

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Dermamoor Facial Bar - Enjoy Younger Looking Skin in 5 Minutes.

Ideal for those with acne prone skin, pigmentation problems, large open pores etc.

DERMAMOOR is a Nutraceutical Facial Bar. It is made from an ancient sea Jurassic Mineral Clay and Austrian Lowland Heilmoor. What began as the first life forms which started since 3.5 billion years and several hundreds of million years ago, macro-algae, micro-algae, phyto-plankton and micro-organism is very rich in ionic mineral, trace mineral and “CAH Factor Water”.

Combined with Austrian Lowland Heilmoor that was burried and frozen over 30,000 years since the Glacial Iceberg era are some 400 over herbal plants that gives over 1,000 varieties of herbal essences and 100 over types of trace elements including Vitamins, Enzymes, ionic mineral and trace mineral.

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CELL-GEN “Perpetual” Health Food Tablets

Researched Pioneered by Dr. NISHIMUTA TADASHI (Kurume University, Faculty of Medicine), Dr. Hideo Minato (Tokyo University), Dr Kimie Baba (Osaka University of Pharmacology). Tested and Certified by Japan Food Research Analysis Centre, Japan

Phyto-Mineral Clay combined with + Natural Plant Nutrients = CELL-GEN HEALTH TABLETS

CELL-GEN is your PERPETUAL Health Food. Combined with Natural Plant Nutrients from an extra-ordinary specie from Japan known as “ASHITABA”. Together, it provides essential mineral and trace mineral in ionic form and in good balance PLUS Bio-Nutrient like Vitamins, CHALCONE Anti-Cancer Inductors known as Xanthoangelol-E and Hydro-Derricin, Coumarin Blood Circulation enzymes, amino acid, dietary beta carotene, chlorophyll, dietary fibre and many more. Minerals and Trace elements are vital factors for vitamin and nutrient assimilation.

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Are All Clean Water Safe To Drink?

We owe it to ourselves and to the people around us when we give drinking water that is of good quality. It's time to get educated. More Info

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